Spiral Elevators for Warehouse & Logistics Applications

Product Overview

Spiral Elevators are the proven solution for high-capacity, vertical elevation of cartons and totes from Nerak

The Nerak spiral elevator is the ideal solution where a continuous process is required for the vertical elevation of totes, boxes and cartons. The flexible set-up enables clients to configure the Nerak spiral solution to suit their specific conveying needs.

This is particularly useful where the product needs to be turned through 90 degrees during elevation, avoiding the need for expensive cross transfer conveyors.

Careful design and component selection ensure quiet operation, low maintenance and long life. The Nerak spiral elevator is available in both 400mm and 600mm belt widths, with a capability of moving up to 3,000 units per hour.


  • The Nerak spiral is equipped with an extra strong, heavy-duty belt. With belt speeds up to 60m/minute and belt widths up to 600mm, the Nerak spiral elevator is one of the most powerful spirals on the market
  • The Nerak spiral has a centre–driven, hardened steel chain belt that can withstand belt tensions up to 4,500N
  • The roller support and guide bearings minimize belt friction and reduce energy consumption. Only one motor is required, which in turn minimises operating cost. The use of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) covered rollers helps reduce noise levels even at high speeds
  • Available in 400mm and 600mm belt widths
  • Suitable for either elevating or lowering goods
  • Bi-directional option available

Example Applications

  • Internet fulfilment houses
  • Warehouse & distribution facilities
  • End of line applications
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