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Our Boxlifters are one of our high-throughput solutions. They are used for moving boxes, totes and cartons vertically via moving platforms from one level to another. Our unique rubber chain technology allows the safe and efficient transportation of goods whilst providing a corrosion-free operation. Perfect for use within baggage handling, e-commerce, distribution and within retail warehouses. To find out if a Boxlifter is the perfect fit for your business, contact us.

Our Bucket Elevator systems offer an effective method of transportation of a wide range of products from powders through to bulky aggregates within a series of moving buckets. Utilising Nerak’s bespoke rubber chain technology, our bucket elevators are an industry-leading solution for the elevation of bulk materials where the product needs to be handled gently.

Available in both continuous and pendulum configurations, our tried and tested solutions are suitable for various industries from food and pharmaceuticals through to heavy industries like recycling and sludge control. See some of the brands we work by scrolling through our case studies or contact us for further information.

Our selection of pallet lifts are a cost-effective and high-quality solution for the vertical elevation of pallets up to 1 metre per second. Each pallet lift has a bespoke design and is used in a variety of applications for example goods in, production lines and multi-tier pick face replenishment. We offer a wide selection including our standard pallet lifts, those for heavyweight materials and goods lifts.
Spiral elevators are the go-to solution to provide a continuous throughput of product, boxes, totes and cartons. A space saving solution across production areas, warehouses and distribution centres used both as a method of vertical transportation but also as an accumulation or cooling facility. Our spiral elevators are used in both the food and non-food industries, ideal for applications where a 90-degree transfer is required.

Mezzanine lifts enable users to safely and efficiently transport bulk materials in cages, stillages, pallets and dollies between multi-tier mezzanine floors. We offer standard lifts or fully integrated systems.

These Mezzanine lift systems are expertly manufactured in a variety of forms depending on your requirements. Our include cage lifts, dolly lifts and goods lifts, all have bespoke designed to suit your application and installed by our team of expert engineers.

Our selection of Unit Load Solutions includes fully automated and stand-alone systems for the vertical elevations of goods. This often comprises of multi-floor infeed and discharge conveyors, a hoisting system and a full set of controls.

We have many happy clients whom thanks to our solutions, have found a reliable elevation system that is remarkably energy efficient and caters to their specific needs. To find out more, scroll through our case studies.

We offer our clients bespoke, turnkey solutions for the vertical elevation of bulk materials. Perfect for a variety of goods such as powders, aggregates, confectionary and pharmaceuticals. All of our lift systems are very robust and many use our unique rubber chain technology with embedded steel cables. Our machines provide reliable and efficient operations across multiple industry sectors.

At Nerak we always offer our clients the most appropriate solutions for the handling and conveying of packaged products and bulk materials, whether the process movement is horizontal, vertical or combination or both.

Steve Brooks

Design & Bid Manager

Nerak-Wiese Ltd

We manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced vertical conveyor systems, with more than 40 years expertise in material handling solutions delivered to customers around the globe.

Some of our core industries are within the manufacturing, processing, warehouse and logistics sectors.

We are a world-market leader in the supply of both unit load and bulk materials handling systems providing vertical conveying equipment including bucket elevators, pallet lifts, spiral elevators and box lifters . These are all expertly manufactured using our specialist rubber chain technology.

Whether you are handling small items, trays, cartons, totes, pallets or other solid or bulk materials, we can provide an effective vertical conveying solution tailored to your exact requirements.

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