continuous platform lifts

continuous platform lifts

Our Continuous Platform Lifts – (“box lifters” or “carton elevators”) are capable of carrying unit loads up to 2000kg vertically between two different levels. This type of continuously running conveyor makes use of the Nerak rubber block belt drive system, ensuring high throughput over any given height, effortlessly and quietly. Depending on the size and form of the products, up to 3000 items per hour can be moved.

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  • High throughput
Small footprint
  • 30 metre elevation capability
  • Very low power usage (reduction in carbon footprint)
  • Available in both “Z” and “C” shapes


Unit Load Solutions

Typical applications

Automotive OEMs
Distribution centres
Airport check-ins
Finished Product (Pre-palletisation)
Internet Fulfillment (Click and Collect operations)
Vertical movement of totes

Rubber Block Belt Drive
The unique rubber belt design used on all of our products requires no lubrication (unlike traditional elevator drive systems) and eliminates the potential for product contamination. ‘Cleandown’ is easily achieved and not time consuming, with maintenance reduced to an absolute minimum.


  • no links
  • silent-running
  • wear-resistant
  • low maintenance
  • corrosion-free design
  • lubrication free
  • no ‘chain stretch’
  • easy clean down


If you need more information about how our Continuous Platform Lifts could solve your material handling requirements, then please give us a call, we’ll be glad to take the call and happy to arrange a meeting at your convenience.